Watching the World: Impressions of Canberra

Watching the World: Impressions of Canberra

By Paul Hetherington and Jen Webb

Out now!

Watching the World presents a variety of engaging and stimulating photographic views of the quotidian and unexpected aspects of Canberra, while also including new perspectives on some of Canberra’s more recognisable vistas and landmarks. The poems complement the images, providing a shifting and reciprocal chemistry throughout the book—nothing less than a fascinating and eddying dialogue between word and image.

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The Beach Volcano cover image

The Beach Volcano

By Nigel Featherstone

Available now!

After years of estrangement, Canning Albury, a revered and irreverent singer-songwriter, returns home to celebrate his father’s eightieth birthday. His welcome is mixed, at best. But Canning has made the trip for more than just a glass of Pol Roger and an eyeful of Sydney Harbour at sunset. He carries a secret about his family’s murky and uncharted past—a secret that could be explosive.

"Assured and compelling, The Beach Volcano holds you to the last page and beyond."
— Andrea Goldsmith

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Triptych Poets: Combo Pack

Triptych Combo Pack

Get the whole series today!

All three issues of our acclaimed Triptych Poets series are available in one complete pack.

Poets include: Ray Liversidge, Hilaire, Mary Mageau, Stuart Cooke, Bronwen Manger, Ouyang Yu, P.S. Cottier, Joan Kerr and J.C. Inman

For $15 you get: 3 books, nine poets, and over 180 poems. Great value!

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Triptych Poets: Issue One

I'm Ready Now

By Nigel Featherstone

Shortlisted for the 2013 ACT Book of the Year!

Following the death of her husband, Lynne Gleeson travels from her grand ancestral Hobart home to visit her son Gordon in Sydney. Lynne’s alone for the first time in her life and has big plans, but does she have the courage to see them through? Meanwhile Gordon, emotionally isolated and lost in his Year of Living Ridiculously, is determined to find stimulation wherever he can, regardless of the consequences. But will Gordon’s last adventure prove too much for the people who love him? 

"A gentle but powerful narrative that grabs you and holds you till the end." - Marion Halligan

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Fall On Me

Fall On Me

By Nigel Featherstone

Fall on Me tells the story of Lou Bard, a single father and Launceston café owner whose world is turned upside down when his intelligent and provocative teenage son, Luke, decides to exhibit his body in an art installation. Now Lou is forced to revisit the secrets of his past, question what it means to be a good father, and discover that there's more love in his life than he could have imagined.

Winner of the ACT Writing and Publishing Award (Fiction) 2012

"Life-affirming, and very tender."
- Denise Young

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Latest News


Two of our distinguished alumni writers, Nigel Featherstone and JC Inman, will be featured at the next Salt Room event at 7.30pm on Friday the 18 November at Gorman Arts Centre.

Presented by BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT and Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres, the Salt Room is a showcase of the finest ACT, interstate and international writers and performers exploring the boundaries of the spoken and the written word.

The evening will also include performances by One Thousand Promises and Bela Farkas. Tickets are $10/$5 and are available at the door.