Caught in the Breeze: 10 Essays

By Various

Paperback: $19.95 + p&h

Caught in the Breeze is a collection of ten creative essays by new and established writers that interrogate the role of flags in contemporary Australia.

Entertaining, insightful and personal, these essays boldly explore the fascinating and often controversial connections between flags, identity and culture.

Contributors: Tony Burton, Stephen Hagan, Kathryn Hind, Karen Lethlean, Rachel Longhurst, Melissa Main, Edward Reilly, Dan Smith, Warwick Sprawson, Ben Wellings.

Release: April 2010
ISBN: 9780980755602
112 pp. pbk
Category: Ficto-criticism

* Caught in the Breeze has been assisted by Express Media through the Write in Your Face program developed to Express Media by the Literature Board of the Australia Council of the Arts.