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Triptych Poets: Issue One

By Ray Liversidge, Hilaire, Mary Mageau

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"Triptych Poets presents three vividly different ways of looking at the world. Ray Liversidge's Things to (and not to) do culminates with his sequence, 'The Divorce Papers', still resonant years later with pain and unanswered questions. Things Mended, by Hilaire, evokes whole-heartedly the quotidian of family life — and the small shames of childhood, recollected later. Mary Mageau's, Moments in a Journey, is a free-associating collection of haibun, tanka and haiku ranging poignantly and musically across an interesting variety of human landscapes. As in a painter's triptych, these three chapbooks discover continuities that combine to considerable effect." — Geoff Page

Release: October 2010
ISBN: 9780980755619
ISSN: 1838-1251
76 pp. pbk
Category: Poetry

"Impressed with both the conceptualisation and the quality of this first issue of Triptych Poets, I’m anticipating the next. Kudos Blemish Books."
− Heather Taylor Johnson in Wet Ink, Issue 22

"All three poets in this collection beguile us with their insights. There is, I think, a journey here for anyone – for everyone. The paths are all clearly marked: Liversidge's lives, Hilaire's sweet lyrics and Mageau's marbled truths."
- Patricia Prime