Triptych Poets: Issue Three

By P.S. Cottier, Joan Kerr, J.C. Inman

Paperback: $15.00 + p&h

Triptych Poets: Issue Three features new poetry from three new and emerging Australian poets - P.S. Cottier, Joan Kerr and Josh Inman.

From P.S. Cottier’s keen and humorous insights into the wonders of the everyday; to Joan Kerr’s exploration of dying languages and the meaning they leave behind; to J.C. Inman’s limerent lyrical laments about the tragedy of modern relationships - Triptych Poets: Issue Three is new poetry at its unabashed best.

Release: September 2012
ISBN: 9780980755671
ISSN: 1838-1251
960 pp. pbk
Category: Poetry

"The Triptych series continues to impress.  How three different poets can be knit together into one seamless collection is a credit to the publishers. The poems flow without troughs, just straight peaks from start to finish."
—Mark William Jackson, Verity La (read full review)