Triptych Poets: Issue Two

By Stuart Cooke, Bronwen Manger, Ouyang Yu

Paperback: $10.00 + p&h

Triptych Poets: Issue Two features the poetry of three diverse and unique Australian voices - Stuart Cooke, Bronwen Manger and Ouyang Yu.

From the dialectic travels of Stuart Cooke to the fresh, cosmopolitan brashness of Brownen Manager to the experimental poetic play of Ouyang Yu, Issue Two traverses a vast space of poetic styles and imagery, each as vivid as the next.

Release: October 2011
ISBN: 9780980755640
ISSN: 1838-1251
100 pp. pbk
Category: Poetry

'Suffice to say, Triptych Poets Issue Two holds its own in the tradition of the Penguin Modern Poets series, allowing the reader to compare three very distinct voices that combine to flow in one wonderful collection."
− Mark Williams Jackson, Verity La